We designed and developed the following products and packages:

  • An award-winning Patient Care System (PCS) for Mount Clemens General Hospital, in Mount Clemens, Michigan. This application runs on NextStep using a Sybase database. It won the following awards:

    • Winner: 1994 DB/EXPO Intel Real Ware Award for Best Enterprise Client/Server Application.
    • Winner: 1994 Computer World Magazine and Object Management Group Best Use of Object Technology within an Enterprise or Large System.
    • 2nd Place: 1998 Modern Healthcare First Annual Innovation in Healthcare Information Technology, Best Return-On-Investment (ROI).
  • The MiscTableScroll palette and framework which is distributed with the MiscKit. This is a feature-rich grid object for Rhapsody, OpenStep, and NextStep on both Mach and Windows.

  • HSEdit, a powerful, feature-rich programmer’s text editor. It is designed to satisfy the desires of programmers who are accustomed to the power of text editors like Emacs, but want the advantages of modern GUI applications. HSEdit is available for Rhapsody, OpenStep, and NextStep on both Mach and Windows.

  • HS.lib, a general-purpose, highly portable C++ library which includes a shared, copy-on-write C++ string class; flexible regular expression parsing / searching classes; container classes; and much more.