Clue is a board game of logic and chance in which players attempt to solve the murder of Mr. Boddy. Computer players of varying skill levels, from beginner to expert, are included. It supports Rhapsody / YellowBox, OpenStep, and NextStep on both Mach and Windows. Clue was inspired by the board game from Parker Brothers.


Clue 2.0 was released on 2001-10-19.
Clue 1.0 was released on 1997-06-27.


Clue.2.0.b.tar.gz (README)
Windows executable for Apple YellowBox on MicroSoft Windows. Requires installation of Apple’s YellowBox environment.


Clue.1.0.NIHS.b.tar.gz (README)
Mach executable for Intel, M68K, Sparc, and PA-RISC.

Source Code

Clue.2.0.s.tar.gz (README)
Source code for Rhapsody (Mach), YellowBox (Windows), OpenStep 4.2 (Mach), and OpenStep Enterprise (Windows). Requires installation of Apple’s YellowBox or NeXT’s OpenStep Enterprise environment on Windows.

Clue.1.0.s.tar.gz (README)
Source code for NextStep 3.3 (Mach).


Clue is freeware. You may use and enjoy this program for free. You may make and distribute unmodified copies of this program for free provided that: (a) the program is distributed in its entirety without modification, and (b) no fee of any kind is collected for the distribution of the program.