icoutilz is a command-line tool which converts between .ICO and .BMP image formats. It can split a multi-image .ICO file into separate .ICO and/or .BMP files. It can pack several .ICO and/or .BMP files into a single .ICO file. It supports several methods of specifying the transparency mask when packing .BMP files into .ICO format. The source code is highly portable ANSI C.


Version 1.5 was released on February 20, 2005.


icoutilz.exe (README)
Windows executable. See README or `icoutilz /help’ for instructions.

Source Code

icoutilz.c (README)
Portable ANSI C source code.


icoutilz is freeware. You may use and enjoy this program for free. You may distribute unmodified copies of the program provided that: (a) The program is not changed in any way, (b) the copyright notices are retained, and (c) no fee of any kind is charged for the program. You may make and retain modified copies for personal use. You may not distribute modified copies.