MiscTableScroll is a flexible, easy-to-use graphical grid widget written in Objective-C for Rhapsody / YellowBox, OpenStep, and NextStep for both Mach and Windows. On Rhapsody / YellowBox, MiscTableScroll also features complete Java bindings.


MiscTableScroll version 140 was released on 1999-08-20.

Rhapsody / YellowBox

MiscTableScroll-140.1-PIY-s.gnutar.gz (README)
Source code for Rhapsody (Mach) and YellowBox (Windows). Complete Java bindings included. Requires installation of Apple’s YellowBox environment on Windows.


MiscTableScroll.140.1.mw.s.gnutar.gz (README)
Source code for OpenStep 4.2 & 4.1 (Mach) and OpenStep Enterprise (Windows). Requires installation of NeXT’s OpenStep Enterprise environment on Windows.


MiscTableScroll.140.s.gnutar.gz (README)
Source code for NextStep 3.3 (Mach).


Download and unpack the archive. To build, open the contained project file, and build and install the framework as usual. Alternately, from the command-line, invoke `make’ and `make install’.